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Utilising our site to site networks (Branch Office VPN Solution) seamlessly connect all of your branch offices via VPN removing the need to expose your system devices to the internet.

Struggling to come to terms with how to expand your business whilst maintaining communications between your new branches and your head office? Take the stress and worry out of the expansion by contacting us! Using our site to site network solution, we offer a secure,  reliable and affordable solution that’ll leave your staff feeling like they’re all under the same roof, but they could be in an entirely different country!

It doesn’t matter what location the new offices are in, using our site to site network solution we’ll be able to establish a site to site link from behind any existing network equipment, or if there’s nothing there we’ll get the connection up from scratch by liaising with telecommunications companies on your behalf then installing our site to site network solution

“site to site network” can be applied internationally. Existing customers of ours have main offices based in the UK with branch offices reaching out as far as the US, Germany and Norway. Staff working at the branch offices and utilising our site to site network solution users are completely oblivious to the advanced solution in place to allow them to work over-seas, because the solution is stable and faultless. They can work as if they were actually at the main office – Print to any site to site network networked printers, access data from servers at any site to site network equipped site, data collected at the remote sites and branch offices can be collected by SQL servers based at any of your site to site network equipped site with zero human interaction and if for any given reason the link is disconnected (quite literally if the line outside the branch office is dug up or cut) the site to site network equipped site server will hold on to the data until the link is re-established then synchronise all collected data, then continue sending data as normal. Perfected with our ‘site to site network’ solution.

Remote site maintenance and support can be a nightmare, however utilizing our “site to site network” solution will take the headaches away for you. Being on site is not a requirement for us, we can monitor, maintain and update remote systems from here in the UK for you over your site to site network equipped sites. Patching systems, rolling out updates, making alterations to systems overseas and in the event of failures, rollback procedures can be carried out without ever having to physically be standing next to the hardware. As you can image, this saves immense amounts of time and therefore reduces IT expenditure for you.

CCTV and VoIP devices can be installed and configured at your remote sites equipped with our site to site network solution removing the need to publish these devices over the internet and exposing the equipment ports to potential threats, we can then configure remote access to them from all of your site to site network connected offices. You can have total control of your branch offices and remote sites without ever having to expose your systems directly to the internet, all of the information is sent down the site to site network secure tunnels.

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