Managed Firewall Solutions

Sidris Group Ltd managed firewall services provide our customers with a reliable firewall solution custom tailored to their requirements in order to provide controlled access to their servers and networks.

Our managed firewall services are designed for passive defence, restricting the destination and source service ports, protocols and IP addresses that are allowed to pass through the firewall allowing us to ensure all intentional traffic is monitored and inspected then allowed through to our customer’s internal networks whilst rejecting any external threats

We have an extensive working history with platforms such as Microsoft Threat Management Gateway, many Cisco based systems, Watchguard units and Sonicwall devices. If you have a firewall in place but have no idea how to configure it, give us a call, we’ll be able to identify exactly what you need your firewall to do, and after a brief meeting, at a competitive rate can configure the firewall for you. If you have no firewall in place you may be unaware of the risks you’ve undertaken by exposing your entire network directly to the internet, we implore that you contact us, get us in and let us explain or even demonstrate how vulnerable you are to malicious attacks, how unsafe your data is, and how easy it would be to compromise the security of your IT infrastructure because you lack a well configured, robust firewall solution.

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We are strong enough to be completely honest with ourselves, our clients and suppliers. We tell our clients when their preferred solution isn't the most appropriate. We'll be honest with our clients when our goods or services have been the cause of an issue. We will use this honesty to build relationships based on trust with clients, suppliers and staff.

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