Business Continuity Planning

Most businesses rely on smoothly operating IT infrastructure. However, there is always potential for minor or indeed major disasters to occur. A fire in your server room, for example, could have enormous consequences to your business if you do not have the proper systems in place to ensure redundancy of your data. Furthermore, the time taken to rebuild your infrastructure can potentially have flow on effects on your business. Ideally, there would be a plan in place, to rebuild the infrastructure as quickly as possible, thereby, minimising the impact on your bottom line. This is what we specialise in. It is called, TTR or Time To Recovery. Does your current IT provider take care of this?

Backup Monitoring

We put in place a system where by backups are maintained onsite, offsite and in the 'cloud'. Furthermore, we test the backups routinely to ensure the integrity of your data (i.e. to make certain they are not corrupt). This service forms a core part of our IT support plans.

Total Time to Recovery

Rebuilding your IT infrastructure after a disaster need not be an enormous task. With the right processes in place, it is possible to have your business back up and running in as little as a day. We do this by maintaining a clear inventory of your networking and server hardware, configuration and operating system snapshots, and of course, up to date backups.

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